RCSBH marks the World AID day which is on 01. December to raise awareness of general population, but particularly of young people about reproductive health which includes sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and violence over sexes.

On that occasion, Red Cross organizes public campaign at the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Campaign is realized by Red Cross peer educators in schools where they hold presentations on HIV/AIDS, stigma reduction and fight against discrimination of infected persons. For the occasion, informative – educational material is produced (leaflets and posters) to inform young population about prevention and methods of treatment of this disease. On 01. December LRCs with their youth members, organize distribution of promotional materials, red ribbons – symbol of fight against  and condoms. 

In general, RCSBIH pays a lot of attention to the protection of reproductive health among youth population. Peer educators, in cooperation with health institutions, continuously hold presentations about reproductive health with basic instructions how to protect their health.